Disruption in digital banking

Fortu® - The world's first private digital bank.

We are tasked with defining positioning, creating a name, brand proposition and full identity design. The new brand is to be positioned between existing digital banks (Monozo, Starling Bank etc) and the traditional institutionals such as the high street offerings – a more premium and personalised experience for a more discerning customer.

"What really excites me about this type of initiative is that is is a fantastic example of the power of innovation over centralisation. While governments implode focusing only on egos, policy procedure and isolation, the rest of the world world moves on – creating truly borderless products in unified units of exchange; freeing up services through collaboration, technology and of course design that has relevance to real people. These are exciting times and we have a lot of respect for the people behind brands like this. As the word evolves so must our approach to brand development – building a brand out of a truth is always going to stand the test of time. Honest brands with something genuine to add really is the new language of our industry. But branding it cant just keep up; it needs to set the pace. Long live the disruptor brands, long live the challenge of fresh thinking." — Paul, CD

More on this project to come as designs progress...

Disruption in digital banking
Account manager